No More Jobs

Posted on October 6, 2011


By Matt Sheiner

Geoff Ratliff and Jeremy Sickel, Editors

Rest in peace Mr. Steve Jobs. You are truly a pioneer in technology, and in many ways, social media. Although some might define your career as tumultuous, it never dimmed your shine. You are an innovative genius.

Your visions changed the game – iPod, iPhone, iMac, Apple t.v, Podcasts, Pixar; I mean the list is endless. Your devices redefined the platform for the smart phone and gave social media the outlet to thrive. You are the only man to stand toe to toe with Bill Gates. You are the truest definition of a BOSS. Lets face it, you are a billionaire; I repeat, BILLIONaire! Where you at Jay Z? Just sayin’.

So as I write this shout out from my couch with my legs kicked up watching South Park, I salute you Mr. Jobs. Thank you for making a major contribution to my life. Thank you for giving me the ability to walk around with music by Notorious B.I.G and the Beatles on one tiny hand-held device. And finally, thank you for Madden in the palm of my hand.

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