Off the Cuff Vol. 15: Could Theo Epstein to the Cubs Reverse One Curse and Revive Another

Posted on October 12, 2011


By Jeremy Sickel

Ever since the Chicago Cubs relieved Jim Hendry of his duties as Vice President and General Manager of the organization, the buzz has been all about Theo Epstein taking his place. Those notions have come to fruition, with multiple reports that Epstein has a deal in place with the Cubs.

Epstein became the youngest GM in the history of Major League Baseball at the age of twenty eight when the Red Sox hired him in 2002. It was said to be his dream job, but maybe the challenge is over. Maybe he has a premonition that Boston’s recent success is going to take a turn for the worse and his ego wouldn’t have let himself get the axe, so he decided to pull the old “You can’t fire me, I quit” mantra before it happened. Maybe he feels that since he reversed one curse he could repeat longstanding history and do it again. By the way, if the Cubs win a World Series under Kid Wonder’s guidance, he may go down as the best GM in the history of sports.

The Red Sox collapse this September would serve as a marvelous natural bookend to their comeback in the 2004 ALCS to signify the opening and closing of a short dynasty-like run. They ran off the manager that was around during their recent success and seem to have just let Epstein go without putting up a fight. Could it be that Epstein has realized that the Sox are giving up and ready to blow this thing up? With multiple reports surfacing about turmoil in the locker room, coupled with the on-field lack of success, the landscape of the team in 2012 could be a vast shadow of its 2011 version, which brings us to the Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs look to have a similar approach to 2012 with their “whispered” interest in bringing in one of the two most sought after free agents in recent memory – Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder. Although they will need more than just one piece to complete the puzzle, Epstein has what it takes and should have the financial backing to do what is necessary to bring life back to the sleeping bear that has been in hibernation for over a century.

It is hard to believe that the most important off-season acquisition for the Chicago Cubs will sit in a luxury suite rather than be out on the field, but rest assured, the Theo Epstein signing is just the first of many newsworthy happenings for the Cubs as they approach next season.

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