The Power Alley Vol. 3: Lets Send A Message to ESPN

Posted on October 21, 2011


By Patrick Carr

The monster that is ESPN has really taken a further turn for the worse recently. During the last few weeks during the 2011 MLB Playoffs, it became more evident than ever that ESPN has to do better. Amidst an all Midwest MLB Playoff lineup in both the NLCS and ALCS there was news of Theo Epstein’s plans to leave Boston for the Windy City and the “Friendly Confines” of Wrigley Field. This became the top story for most of the remaining playoffs. The decision to move from Boston for Epstein is a big move. It deserves some publicity, but it shouldn’t lead off the show. These 2011 playoffs have been the best in recent memory, yet we’re forced to listen to as much analysis on a guy switching jobs, as we are the games being played.

As we move forward through the World Series, fans have the chance to make their voices heard. This Fall Classic has the chance to be as good as any we have seen in a long time, with the Cardinals being the darlings since their epic comeback. Since storming back to capture the Wild Card spot they have been the hottest team in the playoffs. LaRussa has been a genius with every move that he makes seeming to work. The Rangers bring “The Long Ball” to the table, and everyone loves offense in October. Our message to ESPN can be heard by watching the games, by setting records for TV Ratings during this World Series that could possibly force an equal market share. Turning on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball next Summer and watching a game not played in Boston, New York or Philadelphia would be a breath of fresh air.

ESPN has had a monopoly in the sports television network battle since the station’s origin. They will always be “King”, there is nothing we can do to change that, but we can check out what else is out there. MLB Network, NFL Network, and Versus focus more on the games, rather than what’s going on off of the field. MLB Network is hands down the best sports network on television. They cover all bases, from analyzing the game, checking in with players all around the league, and giving us live look-ins for good games going on outside of the upper North East. Looking in on a 3-3 bottom of the ninth nail biter in Cleveland is much more enjoyable than watching the Yankees in a 9-2 rout against the Mariners. MLB Network has given baseball fans the choice to switch the channel from the evil empire that is ESPN. If you haven’t already made MLB Network your go to channel for all things baseball you need to give it a look.

With their headquarters in Bristol, CT, ESPN will always have a major affiliation with the North East. The East Coast has some power house organizations, but as a fan who wants more than coverage on the newest non game related story happening in New York, I made the switch. Football coverage on NFL Network, and baseball coverage on MLB Network. It’s the way to go. You will be surprised how quickly you stop flipping back to the evil empire.

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