Brother from Another Vol. 2: A Long Walk in the Rain

Posted on October 24, 2011


By Kimit Trotman


We all take different paths to reach our goals. Once we arrive there, people always want to make comparisons  to someone who came before. I think we should be allowed to achieve our dreams with no shadow of the men before touching us. Ryan Gosling and Aaron Rodgers have done just that. Now, wherever you turn, you are blessed to see their big smiles. Both men are on top of their respective worlds, and have traveled similar paths to get there, but that doesn’t mean that the men themselves are at all similar.

We all know how Aaron Rodgers had to battle the legend of number 4 during his ascent to the pinnacle of the NFL. On his flight to the top, Rodgers has gone to places that Grandpa Favre could have only dreamed. Since the Packers Championship run last year, I have personally witnessed my father acquiring a heavyweight belt and he proceeds to celebrate like Aaron Rodgers  as he “belted” his students in his school, a move that now graces the likes of State Farm® commercials and You Tube videos. He is all over the television screen, and its funny how, as I was watching a show last week, a trailer for “Drive”, Ryan Gosling’s first foray into the action packed thriller genre, appeared right after Rodgers’ commercial aired.

Gosling’s character, known only as the driver in the movie, is an unshakeable get away man. No matter what is thrown in the streets in front him, he simply can not be stopped. Just like Rodgers in the pocket, no matter what defense you call or blitz scheme you put together, you can’t stop the machine known as the Packers’ offense. You might slow them down for a drive or two, but we all know what happens by the time that clock hits double zero at the end of the 4th quarter.

They both stand 6′ 2” tall and interestingly enough, they are both extreme music lovers, with Rodgers owning Suspended Sunrise Recordings, while Gosling’s band Dead Man’s Bones released their self-titled, debut album in 2008. Rodgers busted onto the national scene after his amazing junior year at Cal. In 2004, Rodgers was named First-Team All Pac Ten and was taken in the NFL draft that following April. Who can forget the horrible experience he endured that fateful day, lasting all the way until the 24th pick, when many thought he was a lock for a top 10 selection.

Gosling first caught people’s eye while singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” in a locker room scene of Disney’s “Remember the Titans”. Gosling played Alan Bosley, a defensive back for the famous Titans. Also in 2004, Gosling shook up the Hollywood scene with his jaw dropping performance in “The Notebook”, finding himself along the bedroom walls of thousands of teenage girls.

Since that time Gosling has given several great performances on the big screen and Rodgers has led his team to a Super Bowl Championship. The sky is not even the limit for these two leading men! Gosling has a string of movies coming out over the next year or so, and after delivering three admirable performances in 2011, he has evolved into an unstoppable force on the screen, with “Drive” propelling him into a new world of action movie greatness. Rodgers is the leader of the undefeated Green Bay Packers and is beyond torching the field on his way to helping them defend their NFL title.

Perhaps, they alone could look in each others eyes and see what comes next. They both took a long walk in the rain and emerged above the clouds, perched upon their respective thrones. Talents like these don’t come along very often, but these two are truly kings among mere mortals.

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