Why so Serious?: Where’s the beef?

Posted on October 25, 2011


By Matthew Sheiner

Anyone remember LL Cool j vs. Cannabis? Jay z vs. Nas? If hip hop is dead, can a good beef blow some air into its lungs? Imagine a 50 vs. Drake beef or if Jay Z didn’t think he was to big to battle Lil’ Wayne. Was there ever a bigger time in hip hop than when the East Coast/West Coast rivalry was at its apex? I’m not saying shots should be fired, but drama sells ladies and gentlemen!

Aren’t people tired of hearing about Maybachs and rappers’ wrists being frozen? I want to hear some real aggression and emotion come out; some real feelings behind the words, rather than hearing about your Chevy 6 fo sittin’ on duece dueces. You want to hear a good song with some real emotion behind it? Listen to “body bags ” by The Game. Dude went in and wasn’t talking about racks, on racks, on racks. He took on G-Unit by himself and killed them because he wasn’t talking about a mansion or being a millionaire, he was taking it back to the streets, which is where real hip-hop belongs right?

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