Asante Samuel Accuses Eagles of Playing “Fantasy Football” with the Team

Posted on October 27, 2011


Asante Samuel is at it again! It seem that this guy just can’t manage to keep his mouth shut. As if the Eagles didn’t have enough problem trying to downplay the Dream Team moniker – especially with a huge divisional game against the hated Cowboys on tap – Samuel felt that today was the appropriate time to start poppin’ off at the mouth about his lingering hurt feelings over the Eagles trying to trade him as far back as this off-season.

Never mind the fact that Samuel is now reopening old wounds an airing dirty laundry at the absolute, worse possible time; but he also felt the need to bring his head coaches name into the mix, forcing Andy Reid to take time away from the task of preparing his team for easily their most important game of a still young season to address the comments made by his selfish cornerback:

“After discussing significant trade offers with other teams, we decided to keep all three cornerbacks on our team. Asante is a valuable member of our team and we appreciate all that he brings to this organization. As far as my relationship with Howie and Joe, I have a great deal of respect for both of them and I know we are all on the same page.” – Eagles Head Coach, Andy Reid

I’m not sure who the Eagles consider their team leader or emotional rock, but if anybody in that locker room has a little Ray Lewis in them, Asante will get hemmed up against a locker with the quickness and told to shut it! You best believe the Sunday Night lights will be shining bright on him no matter which superstar Dallas receiver he is matched up with. I for one am happy I’ll be there in person to see it all go down!

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