Postponement of World Series Game 6 a Blessing for the Cardinals?

Posted on October 27, 2011


By Jeremy Sickel

Let’s just add another whipping boy moment to this year’s Fall Classic that could undoubtedly alter the end result of the series. Not since Curt Schilling’s bloody sock has there been more attention given to a lower extremity than Fox’s Game 1 Hot Spot controversy; where the technology proved Adrian Beltre correct in that the ball did, in fact, ricochet off his foot before winding up in the glove of Cardinals’ third baseman Daniel Descalso, who definitely paused before throwing Beltre out at first base for the second out.

Fast forward to Game 5 when the Baseball Gods evened the score with “Phonegate”, resulting in mass confusion in the Cardinals’ dugout and bullpen, and eventually leading to the wrong pitcher pitching to the wrong guy. Mike Napoli shot a double to right center field in the bottom of the 8th inning giving the Rangers a 4-2 win, and a 3-2 lead in the series.

Game 6 was supposed to be tonight, but the Rain Gods pulled rank on the Baseball Gods, forcing MLB to postpone it until Thursday. Now while I can see their reasons in doing so – better weather starting tomorrow to finish out the series – I do feel that they didn’t consider the potential additional advantage it could give the Cardinals while trying to close out the series at home.

By playing the game tonight, the Rangers’ momentum would have been balanced out by the game being played in St. Louis. Now, whatever oomph the Rangers had carried over from Game 5 will be spent, but the venue doesn’t change. Advantage Cardinals. Also, with the postponement, it appears likely that Chris Carpenter will make an appearance in a possible Game 7, although it looks as though Jake Westbrook will get the start. Carpenter will almost certainly be the first option out of the bullpen should trouble start brewing; again, advantage Cardinals.

The perks extend well past the playing field. I am sure the city of St. Louis will gladly accept the extra money spent by those that travelled for either one or both of the remaining games, especially that of Rangers’ fans. The additional revenue from hotels, restaurants and entertainment might be just enough to add an extra year to the impending Pujols contract offer. The delay even allows Cardinals’ fans the luxury of seeing Pujols in uniform for one more day, just in case he bolts town once Theo and the Cubbies arrive at his doorstep in a mad dash with the checkbook wide open.

All in all, the Rangers are getting a raw deal here. “Hot Spot” was paid back with “Phonegate”, so why did the Baseball Gods give the Cardinals this 24-hour weather delay? My only conclusion is that we are in for a refund of damages to the Rangers in a major way. Whether it is in Game 6 or 7, we just might bear witness to the most amazing hullabaloo in the history of baseball. Think, Jeffrey Maier + Bartman + Bloody Sock + Rally Squirrel + Hot Spot + Phonegate + Shady Postponement, all wrapped into one.

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