Breaking News: Kim Kardashian filing for Divorce

Posted on October 31, 2011


By Jeremy Sickel

It is reported today that Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce with husband and former New Jersey Nets Power Forward Kris Humphries after just 72 days of wedded bliss.

The old “irreconcilable differences” card is being played after Kim K. revealed last week to People Magazine that married life hasn’t been “ideal”. With Humphries back home in Minnesota awaiting word on the NBA Lockout and a potential suitor for his skills and Kardashian doing the same thing she has done over the years – which is a whole lot of nothing – it has been tough for them to build on their fresh union; although it does seem as if neither has really tried to make the effort to spend time with the other anyway.

This thing was doomed from the beginning with rumors flying around about a potential split for weeks. Kardashian seemed so jealous of her sisters moving quicker than her when it came to relationships and men that she rushed to judgment. I’m really not sure that Humphries himself had anything to do with it other than not being Reggie Bush and Kim not caring to find out what she was getting into in the first place.

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