Q & A with Former NFL Cornerback Mark McMillian

Posted on November 3, 2011


By Jeremy Sickel

Q. What are you up to nowadays?

A. Working with Jr. Rank. It is a blessing I get to coach today’s youth as well as set up venues for our camps. I also have my radio show with former Eagle Byron Evans – Hard Hittin’ Radio. Running my foundation for kids with Autism also keeps me busy, as well as working with Aids, ALS and Cancer victims.

Q. Your nickname is Mighty Mouse…when did that come about and why did it stick for you?

A. 1997 by Derrick Thomas & Andre Rison because of my knack for always coming up with the big plays at crucial times.

Q. What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment on the field?

A. Being named a starter in my rookie year after being told I would never make it in the NFL.

Q. What do you miss most about the game of football?

A. My teammates and the rush you get from 90,000 fans screaming when you make a play or after a win.

Q. Give us a few wide receivers you looked forward to lining up against?

A. Jerry Rice, Art Monk, Michael Irvin, Andre Reed, John Taylor, Andre Rison, Cris Carter and Tim Brown.

Q. From a former player’s perspective, what are your thoughts on the NFL Lockout this past summer?

A. The lockout showed the fans and players how the owners really feel about the players, past and present – GREED!

Q. 1990s All Madden Team – what an accomplishment…how proud about that are you?

A. Best reward was being named to the All-Madden Team with future Hall of Fame players I played with and against. Also proud of setting the Chiefs’ franchise record for INT return yards and TDs  held by HOF player and Chiefs’ legend Emmitt Thomas.

Q. Who did you look up to as a player when developing your game as a youth?

A. Daryl Green, Lester Hayes, Mel Blount, Hanford Dixon and Mike Haynes.

Q. From a former athlete’s perspective, tell us your thoughts on how social media (Twitter, Facebook) plays a role in sports.

A. It plays a big part with media alerts and allows players and fans to communicate with a click of a button.

Q. Crystal ball time – who wins the Super Bowl this year?

A. Eagles vs. Chiefs in a tie, LOL – tough question to answer.

Find out more about Mark’s post NFL career by following him on Twitter @MarkMcMillian29

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