Movie Review: A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

Posted on November 5, 2011


By Geoff Ratliff

Ah yes. Our favorite Indian and Korean dynamic duo is back for the final – maybe – installment in the Harold and Kumar franchise; and in 3D no less. Normally I would cite this as exhibit C – after Shrek 3D and Final Destination 3D – of the 3D phenomenon “Jumping the Shark”, however, it is very clear that the film makers are in on the joke, and use the technology in some pretty hilarious ways that scream at the viewer “We do not take ourselves seriously at all!”

And for better or worse they don’t. This latest installment follows Harold (John Cho), now a successful Investment Banker and married to his long-time crush Maria, as he prepares to host his father-in-law – played by an always menacing Danny Trejo – for Christmas. Harold has presumably grown out of his childish ways and is instead focusing on starting a family and earning his father-in-laws respect. Kumar (Kal Penn) on the other hand has not changed one bit, and is still very much the devoted stoner we’ve all come to love. At the movie’s onset, the two haven’t spoken in a couple of years, and they are reunited by a strange package that Kumar receives at his apartment, addressed to Harold, that he decides he must deliver in person. From there, all hell breaks loose!

There were some moments in this movie that were over the top. Pretty much anything goes in a Harold and Kumar Adventure, but the Claymation sequence and a scene where the duo is saved from sudden death by a waffle-making robot did nothing for me. Leave the fantasy world to Harry Potter and stick with the realistic hijinks! Besides those two minor snafus, this film worked for me on many levels. The writers did a great job of sticking with the weed smoking, sex-driven, party like a co-ed humor that made the first two films successful, while updating it enough to remain age appropriate for the pair who are now approaching thirty. Neil Patrick Harris provides what is easily his funniest cameo in the series, and had me seriously questioning whether he is really gay or not.

Fans of the first two films will not be disappointed by this latest installment. If anything, it may leave you clamoring for a fourth, and believe me, the door was left wiiiiiide open for that possibility.

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