Sweet and Sour: NCAA Football Week 10

Posted on November 6, 2011


By Jeremy Sickel






1. Houston – As long as they keep winning and my Heisman favorite Case Keenum keeps dismantling opposing defenses, they will occupy the top spot. I make the rules here!






2. LSU – I know they are the #1 team in the country and are supposed to take care of business every week, but going on the road against the #2 team in the country was no easy task. They held ‘Bama to 6 points and might have temporarily knocked Trent Richardson out of the Heisman discussion.





3. Oklahoma State – Sure their defense is soft, but that game with Kansas State was the antithesis of the LSU/’Bama game. Football purists love defense, but the new generation of fans is in love with the scoreboard being lit up. The Cowboys control their own destiny as does LSU. Not sure how that game turns out but I would love to find out.





4. Boise State – It is well-known that I am a supporter of the Smurfs. My advice to them is to just keep doing your thing boys. You can only control what you do and just sit back and watch what happens around you. There are still some huge games on the horizon that will start altering the look of the top 5 and Boise State is not part of any of them. Although strength of schedule hurts them, it could actually become their friend this season.






5. USC – They are ineligible for the post season this year, but they are still playing hard and I have to throw them some love for that. Not to mention, Matt Barkley might have had his coming out party with a 6 TD performance against Colorado. In my opinion, he is the best pro quarterback prospect this side of Andrew Luck.





1. Florida – Although they won and ended their 4-game losing streak that I predicted, they were only able to beat Vanderbilt by 5 points at home. That is unacceptable and may as well have been a loss. They travel to South Carolina next week so let the losing resume.






2. Nebraska – Really? Losing at home to Northwestern, against the backup QB, after making a return trip to the top 10? Really?




3. Michigan – How do you explain a baffling loss to Iowa? The Wolverines offense was slow and the Hawkeyes were efficient. Looked like a gimme for the Wolverines on paper, but Iowa proved the old “this is why we play the games” theory correct. Denard Robinson is a far cry from his former self under Rich Rodriguez and quite possibly throws the worst ball in college football, so whenever Michigan gets behind late in games, you may as well chalk it up as a loss.





4. Illinois – I know they were on a bye week, but I have to keep them on here for the sake of my declaration of “Florida Part Deux”. All that may be in jeopardy due to Michigan’s loss to Iowa. The home game against the Wolverines now looks very winnable for Illinois which would end their losing streak at 3 and take them off of this list.




5. The BCS System – This will probably be better explained in a longer piece, but this serves as a teaser into my thoughts. We need a playoff system and this year provides the best case for it. Although we can speculate on who the best teams are in the nation, nothing will prove that more than a playoff. There are so many teams this year that could be considered contenders that won’t get the chance due to the BCS system and conferences receiving automatic qualifiers. The Big East doesn’t deserve to represent college football’s finest.

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