NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

Posted on November 15, 2011


By Geoff Ratliff

What can I say about the NFL emphatically through 10 weeks? I can’t figure this thing out! Some teams bounced back from dangerous slides and some contenders suffered inexcusable losses. With yet more changes than an Academy Awards show host, this week’s Power Rankings.

  1. Green Bay Packers (9-0) – Is Aaron Rodgers trying to win the Heisman and the NFL MVP in the same year? He is clearly putting up college type numbers, giving Case Keenum and Brandon Weeden a run for their money.
  2. San Francisco 49ers (8-1) – We keep waiting for this team to crack and they keep finding ways to win big games.
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) – Not a surprise that this team was able to bounce back after that tough loss to Baltimore. Even after being swept by the Ravens, they still have a great shot at the division title.
  4. New England Patriots (6-3) – This was a huge win for the Pats for their psyche as much as their hold on the AFC East lead! The division is now theirs to lose after sweeping their hated rival the Jets.
  5. Houston Texans (7-3) – Just when this team was looking forward to getting AJ back after the bye, they lose Schaub for the season which is a big loss. This is likely Matt Leinart’s last chance to prove that he can be a quality starting quarterback in this league and he’ll have plenty of opportunities to showcase any potential growth.
  6. New Orleans Saints (7-3) – I guess the book on the Saints is that they win the games they need to win. They now own a big two game lead in the division.
  7. Baltimore Ravens (6-3) – No way I can take this team seriously with the way they perform against poor competition. The other Harbaugh is in danger of losing his team and faith in Flacco has to be at an all time low.
  8. Chicago Bears (6-3) – A division title is out of the question with the way the Packers are taking care of business, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see a rematch of last year’s NFC Championship game, and you better believe Jay Cutler will be ready!
  9. New York Giants (6-3) – Tough loss for the Giants, but definitely nothing to be ashamed of having to travel cross-country after an emotional win in Foxborough the previous week. The Giants just need to be careful during this tough stretch or they could let Dallas right back into the NFC East race.
  10. Detroit Lions (6-3) – That was not a good way to start a second half march towards the playoffs. They should bounce back against Carolina but this team is in serious jeopardy of missing a wild card spot with two games left against the Packers.
  11. Cincinnati Bengals (6-3) – In their first real test of the season, the Bengals acquitted themselves well. The second half schedule is really tough, but I believe this team is for real. The injury to CB Leon Hall is huge for that defense though.
  12. New York Jets (5-4) – That was a big missed opportunity against a bad Pats defense, but giving up 37 to Brady and Co. has to be of bigger concern to Rex Ryan.
  13. Dallas Cowboys (5-4) – Great effort against the Bills. So far the team is taking advantage of the soft part of the schedule and the Giants gave them hope for a division title with the loss at San Francisco. If they can work Felix Jones back into the offence without disrupting Murray’s momentum, this offense has the chance to be something special!
  14. Atlanta Falcons (5-4) – Given how tight the division and wild card races were coming into the Saints game, that 4th down call could be the most important play of the season in the NFC by the time its all said and done.
  15. Oakland Raiders (5-4) – That was a great bounce back performance for Palmer and the Raiders and now puts them back in the driver’s seat in the AFC West.
  16. Tennessee Titans (5-4) – Was this the break out game the CJ needed on his way to a big second half? The Titans sure hope so as the Schaub injury gives them a glimmer of hope for the AFC South crown.
  17. Buffalo Bills (5-4) – The Bills need to right the ship quickly if they want to preserve any hope for a wild card berth at this point. Fitzpatrick has not responded well to the big contract extension.
  18. Denver Broncos (4-5) – I’m sorry but that win on the road against the Chiefs tells me a lot more about how unpredictable the Chiefs are than any magic that Tebow is bringing. 2 for 8 will simply not get it done in the long-term in this league.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5) – The season is getting away from the Bucs quickly and the schedule makers didn’t do them any favors. This will be a true test of a young coach’s ability to hold a young core of players together and maintain a positive outlook.
  20. San Diego Chargers (4-5) – If Norv Turner hasn’t loss this crew yet, it’s going to happen real soon!
  21. Kansas City Chiefs (4-5) – I want to rank this team so much lower than this after these last two losses. KC is lucky there are so many truly awful teams in the league this year.
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6) – The Jags are at least getting enough out of the offense to allow them to win a game here and there, which has to be encouraging to a defensive unit that has played its heart out this year. Coach Del Rio cannot be disappointed with this team’s weekly effort.
  23. Arizona Cardinals (3-6) – Funny how two weeks can change everything. A huge road win against the Eagles now has this team motivated to at least build some momentum for next season, which could be good for a fairly young core of players.
  24. Seattle Seahawks (3-6) – Even if he’s not the greatest Xs and Os guy, you gotta give Pete Carroll credit for getting his team up for big games. Now if they could just settle that QB situation.
  25. Philadelphia Eagles (3-6) – This is beyond disastrous at this point. The playoffs are out of the questions, and at this point both Andy Reid and many of the players are simply competing for their futures with the team.
  26. Cleveland Browns (3-6) – It’s becoming pretty clear that Colt McCoy is not the long-term answer at quarterback, although his development is not helped by the fact that he has no legitimate weapons to work with.
  27. Washington Redskins (3-6) – The first five game losing streak of Mike Shanahan’s career is likely to get a little longer with a suddenly confident Cowboys team coming to town.
  28. Miami Dolphins (2-7) – Matt Moore is starting to settle in and take advantage of some of the weapons that the Dolphins have on the offensive side of the ball. Not sure if this will be enough to save Sparano’s job, but a winnable home game against a reeling Bills team can’t hurt.
  29. St. Louis Rams (2-7) – Bradford comes back and the Rams blow a late game lead against the equally lowly Cardinals. Go figure.
  30. Minnesota Vikings (2-7) – Couldn’t have really expected much more on the road against the defending champs. The Packers are literally playing like they are in another league.
  31. Carolina Panthers (2-7) – I thought this team was poised to do some things in the second half, but an embarrassing effort at home does not bode well, especially with a road game against an angry Detroit team on tap. This could get ugly.
  32. Indianapolis Colts (0-10) – Indy needs to not kid itself and just completely blow this thing up in the offseason, starting with Andrew Luck. If they have any decency, they’ll move Manning to a contender.


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