Why so Serious?: What an ass!!!

Posted on November 15, 2011


By Matt Sheiner

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries made asses out of everyone who believes in marriage. They have completely destroyed any argument against same-sex marriage and anything else of the sort. My personal belief is that anyone should be allowed to marry whoever they desire regardless of sex, color, creed, or species for that matter. Dennis Rodman did less damage to marriage by marrying himself than these two did. As a man who has been married for almost 5 years, I’m personally offended.

They had a $14,000 cake, a four-hour special which millions of people watched (my wife included), and they made millions of dollars off the whole charade. They are the only two people to MAKE money off a wedding. Kris Humphries raked in  more off of this wedding than he has his entire NBA career. They made fools out of a naive viewing public by portraying a loving relationship on television and then deciding 72 days later that it wasn’t working out.

Are we all just suckers? Did anyone actually believe that it would last? I sure didn’t and I’ll tell you why. Once the wedding is over what is the story line? They live happily ever after? I don’t think so. Khloe already has the TV show about marriage with a much better supporting cast (Lamar Odom), so that is obviously out of the window. These are business-minded people, and everything else, including actually marrying someone for the right reasons, comes second. The mere fact that they televised something that is supposed to be an intimate occasion just proved that this was all about putting on a show. I don’t see how we, as a nation, can be consumed by this B.S. that is the Kardashian Brand.

Let’s never forget that Kim is only famous for the one thing she should ever be filmed doing, if you know what I’m saying. Let’s also not forget that you have never heard of Kris Humphries before and I’m a basketball fan who lives in his market. In the wake of some serious news regarding Penn State and a horrific sex act that was committed, ask yourself if anything these people do is honestly news worthy? More people tuned into the wedding than the news that night and for what? Say what you want about the news, but at least it’s not a complete disregard for human intelligence, broadcast as a two-part, four-hour soap opera. I’d rather look at the Kim Kardashian wax figure than anything she does on the E! Network. It’s my personal feeling that she should not be allowed to re-marry for at least 10 years and hopefully by then no one will care!

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