Mizzou Halftime Tradition nixed by move to SEC

Posted on November 16, 2011


By Jeremy Sickel

A half-time tailgating tradition that football fans of the University of Missouri have grown accustom to will likely come to an end upon arrival in the SEC come 2012. Currently, Missouri allows its game attendees to leave the stadium provided that their tickets are scanned ahead of time and when they return.

The SEC has had its policy in place since 2001 restricting fans from leaving and reentering stadiums during football games and would require a vote of the conference’s athletic directors to make a change to the guideline.

When asked about the changes, Mizzou freshman Steve Goldberg said “I would hope that fans stay for the whole game now that they can’t come back in. Who wants to miss the 4th quarter of a big game?” And if Mizzou can step seamlessly into the SEC, every game played at Faurot Field will be of enormous magnitude.

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