Why so Serious?: Luda-crazy!

Posted on November 22, 2011


By Matt Sheiner

Ludacris is back baby, and that boy is on fire. The new mix tape “taking it back to the streets” is no joke. The second I saw he dropped some new music I instantly began listening. He is one of the most overlooked, underrated rappers ever and in recent conversations with friends of mine was put in consideration for Top 5 status.

Think about it, name a bad Ludacris album? I’ll wait. He has been consistent since his debut album “Back for the 1st time” and that was 2000, Lil Wayne just got hot in 2007 so I don’t even want to hear that noise. Luda has simply spit quality verse after quality verse and even as a New Yorker, I appreciate it. The fact that North Easterners really connect with a southern rapper’s work is an accomplishment in and of itself, especially considering all the N.Y. bred talent in the game. He is not my favorite rapper by any means, but everything he embodies puts him in my top 5 at least. The fact that he is encouraging this “beef” with Drake just makes him all the more exciting. Stay tuned for some great music, ‘cause Luda is still comin’ for that #1 spot!

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