Beast or Bust: NFL Week 12 Fantasy Analysis

Posted on November 24, 2011


By Jeremy Sickel

Beast: Jermichael Finley – Based on what we’ve seen the entire season, the Thanksgiving Day matchup between the Packers and Lions is set to be a barn burner. Aaron Rodgers does a very good job of spreading the rock around and with the pressure the Lions front four will apply, Finley will be the safety valve.

Bust: The entire San Francisco/Baltimore matchup – This game screams defensive struggle and the only viable fantasy play could be either team’s defense. Their may be a fluky big play somewhere in this game, but good luck playing roulette and finding who the recipient of that will be.

Beast: Houston Defense – The Jaguars offense is worst in the league and although they are decent running the ball, they will be behind early and forced to throw. Even with Matt Leinart manning the offense now, the Texans should be able to control this game from the start. Rookie gunslinger Blaine Gabbert has shown this season that he is just that, a rookie and the Texans are near the top of the league in sacks and interceptions. Not a good combination from the Jaguars’ perspective.

Bust: CJ Spiller – Could their be any worse situation for Spiller to come in as the new starter after Fred Jackson was place on IR with a fractured leg? The Jets are pretty stingy on defense, they are coming of two consecutive losses and playing at home. With the Bills offense struggling as of late, after starting the season scorching, look for Spiller to be eased into the situation.

Beast: Mike Wallace – If you have seen what the Chiefs have done over the last 3 games you can easily see they are susceptible to the big play. Who is one of the biggest playmakers in the game today? Exactly!

Bust: Andre Johnson – A few reasons why Johnson finds himself on this list – 1) He is coming off of a long layoff from a hamstring injury 2) There is a new QB under center for the Texans (Matt Leinart) 3) The Jaguars are 4th in the league against the pass this season. That’s a recipe for a slow return to fantasy glory for Johnson, so hold your expectations back a little.

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