Dispatch from the Edge: Week Ending 11/25/11

Posted on November 25, 2011


By Michael Devlin

28-year old Marko Cheseto, an All-American distance runner who’d won several championships, went missing from the University of Alaska Anchorage on Sunday night, November 6th. He survived the outdoors for nearly three days through snowstorms and was discovered wandering near campus early Wednesday morning, wearing light clothes with no hat or gloves.

Cheseto was in rough shape— his shoes had frozen to his feet.  He had hypothermia and frostbite on both hands and feet.  Doctors were unable to save the Kenyan’s feet and they were amputated above the ankles.

Police attributed Cheseto’s disappearance to personal psychological issues. The UAA website featured a statement from the runner thanking everyone who’d looked for him.  He said “As some may know, I’ve been going through a lot of personal issues. While I am still recovering – both physically and emotionally – I will do my very best to give back to the community that has helped me so much and to my home country, Kenya, I sincerely apologize for any problems that I may have caused.”


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin suffered the indignity of being booed from an audience in Moscow after a fight between American MMA star Jeff Monson and Russian Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko. Putin was so surprised by the reaction that he struggled to find his words for a few moments.

In a typical show of misinformation, Russia’s Channel One edited the footage to keep the public from seeing the PM’s embarrassment.  However, a video clip is available on YouTube.


Between November 18th and 21st, 51-year-old Wayne L. Field allegedly had a field day in Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams’ house while he was away.  He wore Williams’ clothes, drank his beer, and defrosted a lobster. He might have gotten away clean, but he left behind a hospital bracelet with his identification on it. When police tracked him down, he was wearing William’s 2005 World Series ring. He currently faces charges of residential burglary.


A more insidious criminal was convicted this week in Cincinnati. 29-year old former pro wrestler Andre Davis, whose stage names included “Gangsta of Love” and “Sweet Sexy Sensation”, was found guilty of 14 felony assaults for having unprotected sex with a dozen women without telling them he was HIV positive.

In 2009, Davis’s HIV positive status caused him to fail his physical when auditioning for Vince McMahon’s WWE