Who are the Pop Fly Boys and why are we here? Good question. You can read more about Jeremy and Geoff individually below, but what we are as a collective is a couple of sportsaholics looking to bring you provocative opinions on sports and pop culture. The blogosphere is full of guys (and gals) focused on the personal interest of their favorite sports teams, giving you mainly a homer’s view on why their favorites are great or why they suck. That’s not what we do. We, and our team of talented contributors, plan to give you stories and opinions that affect the national sports landscape, not to use this as a platform to advance our team’s agendas.

Our views won’t always be popular, and they certainly won’t always be right, but they will be well thought out and supported by more than a loud mouth and a megaphone. If we don’t back up this guarantee, call us on it! The Pop Fly Boys are about accountability and we know that we are only as good as our readers think we are. Welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen. We hope you enjoy the performances.

Geoff Ratliff

Who am I? I am a St. Louis native, but none of my favorite sports teams are from my hometown. Don’t get me wrong, I wear my Midwest roots with pride, and spit in the face of those with coastal biases (not literally. That’s gross). I grew up in the ‘hood, but was enrolled in private school from the age of three all the way through high school. I’ve lived on both coasts and traveled to pretty much everywhere in between. What does it all mean? Well, the biopic would be interesting to say the least.

Like 90% of males in the United States, I love sports, but I am also fascinated by pop culture, or rather, I’m fascinated by other people’s fascination with pop culture and celebrity. As a middle-class, black kid (I hate the term African-American by the way) who grew up in a two parent home on “both sides of the track” so to speak, I have a pretty worldly perspective on life, and I hope to share that with our readers through my writing.

Contact Geoff at geoff@popflyboys.com and follow him on Twitter @snglemarriedguy

Jeremy Sickel

I am a sports junkie molded from a very modest upbringing in Kansas City, MO who loves to play poker while fancying myself as somewhat of a beer connoisseur with a very imaginative mind for entrepreneurship. The dream growing up was to play pro baseball for a living and now I am somewhat of a 9-5 grinder using my spare time to write about it – go figure. I am not putting it down by any means because if I hadn’t taken the road I am on now, I wouldn’t have experienced my life as I know it today.

Contact Jeremy at jeremy@popflyboys.com and follow him on Twitter @kcpopflyboy njih

Please send general inquiries to contact@popflyboys.com and follow Pop Fly Boys on Twitter @popflyboys

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