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Dispatch from the Edge: Week Ending 11/25/11

November 25, 2011


By Michael Devlin 28-year old Marko Cheseto, an All-American distance runner who’d won several championships, went missing from the University of Alaska Anchorage on Sunday night, November 6th. He survived the outdoors for nearly three days through snowstorms and was discovered wandering near campus early Wednesday morning, wearing light clothes with no hat or gloves. […]

Dispatch from the Edge: Week of 11/11/11

November 11, 2011


By Michael Devlin Looking past the unfortunate events at Penn State, whose details have been nauseatingly rehashed over this week is no easy task. But the remainder of the sports world has hardly been quiet in the interim.  Perhaps the most compelling story on the wires is the kidnapping of Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos, […]

Dispatch from the Edge: Week of 11/4/11

November 4, 2011


By Michael Devlin Author Roald Dahl, who penned such children’s fiction classics as “James and the Giant Peach” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, was often described as an awful man, given bouts of womanizing and bigotry, but even he had nothing on one Charles Kembo.  Allegations have emerged this week that Kembo, a convicted […]

Dispatch from the Edge: Week Ending 10/28/11

October 28, 2011


By Michael Devlin Most folks in their eighties have long since given up on hell raising, preferring instead a life of doctor’s appointments, naps, and early bird specials. Not eighty-seven year old Leo Earl Sharp of Michigan City, Indiana.  Last Friday, Michigan police pulled over Sharp for erratic driving and discovered the octogenarian kingpin was […]

Dispatch from the Edge: Week Ending 10/21/11

October 21, 2011


By Michael Devlin The premier bizarre news story of the week of course was the tragic slaughter of exotic animals in Zanesville, Ohio.  On Tuesday night, Terry Thompson, the owner of a private menagerie, threw open the doors to their cages and then took his own life.  Dozens of wild beasts escaped, and authorities had […]

Dispatch from the Edge: Rounding up the Week’s Most Bizarre Stories

October 14, 2011


By Michael Devlin Fifty year old Joseph Wilson accomplished what, I’m guessing, few of us have ever dreamed possible; he was arrested for the one hundredth time. The first ninety-nine “cuffings” comprised of forty-seven misdemeanors, thirty-seven felonies, and fifteen miscellaneous charges. The criminal mastermind would have to do something truly inspiring to celebrate this milestone […]