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Minute with Meltdown: What I’m Thankful For…

November 23, 2011


By Matt Melton The holiday season is the perfect time for us to slow down and spend a few moments in thought, to take stock of everything that is important to us and our lives, and to really appreciate the blessings given to us. When you are finished with that, here’s a random tongue-hand-foot-arm-shoulder-elbow-thigh-in-cheek look […]

Minute with Meltdown: The Game of Baseball: A Sublime, Callous Reality

November 9, 2011


By Matt Melton Baseball became America’s pastime almost immediately from its inception. The game’s greatness shines for several reasons, many of which are obvious. The methodical pace of play between pitcher & catcher, and between hitter & fielder, allows for easy conversation among friends while still being able to focus on the game’s action. The […]

Minute with Meltdown: The 2011 Cardinals: Shame on Us!

November 2, 2011


By Matt Melton Now that it has been five days since the St. Louis Cardinals won one for the toe, by defeating the Texas Rangers to win the franchise’s 11th World Series Championship, we need to take a moment to comprehend the events of the last six weeks. Now that it has been about 110 […]

Minute with Meltdown: Albert Pujols: The Delightful Headache

October 26, 2011


By Matt Melton There is not much in the way of an appetizing selection when it comes to one’s options at the hometown sports buffet in St. Louis. As I detailed last week, Missouri is currently the worst sports state in America, and in spite of how good things seem to be for everyone else […]

Minute with Meltdown Vol. 3 – The Worst Sports State in America

October 19, 2011


By Matt Melton Fans invest more time, energy and, no doubt, money, than they would ever care to admit, in following, rooting for, and otherwise supporting their hometown teams. For the hard-core fans, this investment stretches beyond just the good, healthy, or rich times. These fans are also passionate during the bad times, the poorer […]

Minute with Meltdown Vol. 2: Nyjer Morgan – The Essence of Over-hype

October 12, 2011


By Matt Melton I have a problem with Milwaukee Brewers OF Nyjer Morgan. I know – it’s kind of sad.  Someone so irrelevant should never garner so much attention. The problem is something akin to an annoying, pesky gnat that won’t go away. Or maybe it’s more like a blemish that you just want to […]

Minute with Meltdown Vol.1: The NBA Lockout

October 6, 2011


By Matt Melton Jeremy Sickel and Geoff Ratliff, Editors There is not a single professional sports fan that enjoys discussing their favorite league’s labor issues or financial problems. Not one fan who would rather talk about the comings and goings of lockouts and union reps, over trade rumors and the night’s matchup at point guard. […]