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Tippy’s Corner VIII: Why Verlander and other Cy Young Winners Shouldn’t Be MVPs

November 24, 2011


By John Lund Justin Verlander was recently named the 2011 AL MVP to go along with his 2011 Cy Young Award. He became the first pitcher voted MVP since Oakland’s Dennis Eckersley in 1992 and the first starting pitcher since Boston’s Roger Clemens in 1986, leaving some heads shaking, including mine. Many baseball fans agree […]

Tippy’s Corner: Coach K Wins Record 903, Continues Legacy

November 17, 2011


By John Lund College basketball coaches have an important responsibility. They’re the middle men between high school basketball and the real world; directing their players into a career in the NBA or, the more typical route, into another career or profession off the court. Words can’t describe the influence that a coach can have on […]

Tippy’s Corner: Tainted Love: The End of Joe Paterno’s Legacy at Penn State

November 10, 2011


By John Lund Coaches are to their teams as kings are to their nations. Without coaches, there would be no guidance, no direction to lead athletes in how to play their sport well, or how to bring out the best person that they could be. Should a coach be a dictator? A figurehead of his/her […]

Tippy’s Corner: “Tebowing” Taunt Turns Good Into Evil

November 3, 2011


By John Lund The NFL playing field has always been a verbal slaughterhouse where only the strong survive. Taunting on and off the field thrives throughout the season and gives teams and players intense rivalries from year to year. Most taunts are seemingly harmless, while others can strike a nerve with the target of such […]

Tippy’s Corner: Where have all the Quarterbacks Gone?

October 27, 2011


By John Lund For the past ten years or so, the NFL has had a pretty steady nucleus of quarterbacks. A brief glance around the league from year to year would highlight most of the same names, regardless of their possible new team. Remember Favre? McNabb? Culpepper? Johnson? McNair? Warner? Veteran quarterbacks who could lead […]

Tippy’s Corner Vol. 3: Clubhouse Beers ruin Beantown Role Models

October 20, 2011


By John Lund Remember growing up as a kid and having to answer the question of what you wanted to be when you grew up? Some kids wanted to be astronauts, firefighters, lawyers, vets, etc. I, however, wanted to be a baseball player, a dream I’m sure most boys had while growing up. We idolize […]

Tippy’s Corner Vol. 2: Dead Bats Doom Yankees and Phillies

October 13, 2011


By John Lund Before this year’s baseball season began, professional and stay-at-home wannabe analysts predicted that the Boston Red Sox would square off against the Philadelphia Phillies in the Fall Classic. Both teams had stacked batting lineups with possible MVPs and pitching staffs with a handful of Cy Young candidates. The only thing that stood […]