Texas Rangers Heated over Leaked World Series Recording

By Jeremy Sickel

Sunday night, a 6-minute long recording of the pep talk Ron Washington and several players gave prior to game 7 of the World Series was made public. Although nothing revealing or embarrassing was disclosed, we can all understand the frustration that the Rangers organization developed from this incident. The clubhouse is considered a sanctuary and to have anything leaked by one of your own, whether it is a teammate, manager, or the laundry personnel is considered a very big deal.

“It’s unacceptable for this type of thing to be out there,” Rangers general manager Jon Daniels told ESPN Dallas. “It was a private moment for the team, not meant for anyone else’s ears. We’re looking into it, probably won’t have additional comments until we’ve finished that process.”

The tape was leaked to St. Louis based sports blog, Joe Sports Fan – hear the excerpt here –  prompting the Rangers organization to launch an investigation seeking which employee is involved, after the blog stated that it received the tape from an unnamed member of the Rangers clubhouse staff.

Although we fans see it is just an added level of entertainment to a very exciting Series, the Rangers organization is steadfast in uncovering the truth. Could there be a stranger offseason distraction for a team coming off back to back World Series defeats than this?

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