Video: Philip Rivers Fumble Leads to Chiefs Back in Control of AFC West

By Geoff Ratliff and Jeremy Sickel

Last night the Kansas City Chiefs continued their incredible turnaround from “Suck for Luck” front-runners to AFC West Division leaders by defeating the San Diego Chargers 23-20 in overtime on Monday Night Football.

The Kansas City Chiefs started the season 0-3 being outscored by their opponents 109 – 27; not a real good way to start the season after winning the AFC West the previous year right? Since that disastrous start, they have reeled off four consecutive victories to regain their number one spot. While many dismissed the first three wins as them being in the soft part of their schedule and catching teams at the right time, the victory over the Chargers was sloppy, but legit. Their next two games are at home against current “Suck for Luck” contenders the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos so the run could easily increase to six straight.

Meanwhile, the San Diego Chargers have just passed the Chiefs on their way down the mountain and could be in for a longer fall. This is back to back horrible losses for them, wiping out any positive momentum gained after a 4-1 start for a team that has traditionally started slow under the Norv Turner regime. Philip Rivers has been playing like he’s possessed by the ghost of Ryan Leaf, and his horrible season was best captured by this fourth quarter fumble that cost his team a shot at a game-winning field goal attempt.

While the Chiefs have a brutal 5 game stretch against the Patriots, Steelers, Bears, Jets, and Packers that could expose them as pretenders, the Chargers have no relief in site either with back to back home games against the Packers and Raiders, followed by a late December trip to Chicago. The entire AFC West could be in disarray by December 1.

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2 Responses “Video: Philip Rivers Fumble Leads to Chiefs Back in Control of AFC West” →

  1. masonboggs

    November 2, 2011

    I think, unfortunately for the Broncos, that the Dolphins and Colts are so bad that one of them is definitely going to get Luck. I think the Broncos are on the Break Bones for Jones trail now (in reference to Tebow getting pounded every game and Landry Jones sitting out there at Ok…). We will have to see though…


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