NFL Week 5 Fantasy Analysis

Beast: Cam Newton – Ok everyone, I am officially a believer now! I tried to get cute last week with my pick of Newton being a bust against an aggressive Chicago Bears defense by stating any positive points would be negated by mistakes. I could attempt to throw out numbers that would defend my beast pick here, but is there even a point?  Only thing I will point out is that the game with New Orleans is going to be an absolute shootout and I could probably fill this entire segment with players from this game. But I will go with the guy that has the ability to have the biggest game.

Bust: Roddy White – Lingering injuries, Julio Jones coming into his own and lining up opposite Charles Woodson makes White a bad play here. You will probably have a hard time benching your stud WR, but the bulk of the work will go to the rookie wideout and the resurgent Tony Gonzalez. If you have a matchup play on your bench or can scour the waiver wire for a one week start you should consider doing so.

Beast: AJ Green – It is difficult to decide which rookie wide receiver you would rather have right now between Green and Julio Jones. Both have big game potential and prototypical WR skills, but Green doesn’t have much competition in Cincinnati
and could run into huge games all year long. Count this week as one of those games. The success on the ground is starting to allow the Bengals to have success in the air and Green is the direct beneficiary of that. If Dalton can get the ball to Green six to eight times a game, his 16.4 YPC average will eventually yield consistent 100 yard receiving days and more chances at scores. Green is a great option as your #2 WR or flex spot this week and possibly the rest of the year.

Bust: Willis McGahee – The San Diego Chargers have played good defense this year and the Broncos have not been very good on offense. Although, McGahee is the load bearer in Denver he is only averaging 3.9 YPC and doesn’t stand a huge chance at fifteen touches this week.  The Chargers will be up most of the game forcing the Broncos to resort to the air where McGahee doesn’t provide much help either.  You should have better options on your roster, but in case you don’t you should probably try to make a last minute add or you are stuck hoping that I am wrong.

Beast: Ahmad Bradshaw – The recipe for success here is simple. The Giants will control this game all day playing at home against the Seahawks and Brandon Jacobs is listed as doubtful for the game. With Bradshaw also being a good option in the passing game out of the backfield look for 20-25 total touches and a couple chances at scores. This makes him a must start
even if you are loaded at the RB position.

Bust:  LeGarrette Blount – The sexy pick at the beginning of the year, being labeled as a sleeper, has been up and down so far this season. This week’s opponent, the 49ers, have been very stingy against the run this year giving up just 74 YPG on 3.5 YPC and ZERO touchdowns. Both teams have played well this year and no one pegged this as a possible game of the week but with the Niners playing at home, look for the Bucs to have to air it out more than they would like.  Blount provides nothing in that department making him a questionable play this week.

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