NFL Week 6 Fantasy Analysis

By Jeremy Sickel

Beast: Adrian Peterson – Ride this train all year long, especially with this very favorable matchup against a Chicago Bears’ defense that yields 135.6 YPG on the ground. AP is averaging a shade under 100 YPG and over one touchdown. Couple that with fifty-two carries over the past two games and we are looking at a likely repeat of last week’s performance.

Bust: Matt Schaub – Without his main man Andre Johnson “Stump the Schaub” becomes a very pedestrian quarterback going against a Baltimore Ravens’ defense that is looking more like the 2000 Super Bowl edition. They allow a mere 212 YPG through the air with only three touchdown passes against, while the Texans only put up 234.8 YPG themselves. This adds up to a very slow day for the upstart Texans on the road, with Schaub being the biggest loser here.

Beast: Fred Jackson – Look for the game against the New York Football Giants to be every bit the classic shootout that the Bills have become accustom to so far this year. Jackson is averaging a tick over 142 YPG and exactly one touchdown on about twenty two touches per game. He is the most dynamic player on a team that scores almost 33 PPG. The Giants are middle of the road on defense, both on the ground and in the air so even in an average game Jackson should rack up over 100 yards and a score.

Bust: Peyton Hillis – Hillis is unhappy and wants out, which may be part of the reason he has not lived up to the hype this year. Are we seeing a Madden Curse again? He may not be injured, other than the strep throat earlier in the year, but Hillis has underperformed this year. Going on the road against the Oakland Raiders means the Browns will be playing catch up all game long. This takes the ball out of the bruiser’s hands meaning another sub par showing.

Beast: Hakeem Nicks – Mentioned this game earlier meaning that you knew another player was coming in this last Beast pick. After being hobbled early in the season and going through a bit of a rough patch, Nicks has turned it on the last two games with 14 receptions for 227 yards and two touchdowns. The Bills have been atrocious on defense giving up over 283 YPG through the air. This all adds up to a huge game for Nicks who will likely be targeted 12-14 times resulting in a huge statistical output.

Bust: Mike Wallace – This is my “out there” pick of the week and seriously thought about going with Brandon Marshall here, but that would have been too easy. The Jaguars are actually respectable against the pass giving up only 215 YPG. This should be a game that the Steelers control from the outset so look for them to revive an un-Pittsburgh like running game with heavy doses of the running back by committee. Furthermore, Big Ben will not come close to duplicating that gem of a game last week. Wallace will get his fair share of targets, but the Jags know he is their main man through the air and will key on him and dare the running game to beat them. This translates into a slow down for the speedster.

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