NFL Week 9 Fantasy Analysis

By Jeremy Sickel

Beast: Arian Foster – No brainer right? Foster receives a heavy dose in the Houston offense and Cleveland gives up over 127 YPG on the ground. The Texans should control this game from the start meaning the run of good games continues for Foster and he should put up another above average fantasy output.

Bust: Chris Johnson – Johnson is a far cry from his former self and this week’s matchup with the Bengals is no remedy. Cincinnati has given up only 85.4 rushing YPG on 3.3 YPC and 6 touchdowns on the ground. This all adds up to another very disappointing day for CJ2K.

Beast: Dez Bryant – Although Seattle is pretty middle of the road against the pass on defense, Bryant is poised for a decent game this week. Not sure if this is due to Dallas schematically spreading the wealth on offense but Bryant has scored at least one TD in every other game this season – he did not score last week, just a hint.

Bust: Rashard Mendenhall – Baltimore is very stingy against the run, giving up less than 90 YPG on 3.3 YPC and only 2 rushing touchdowns all year. Mendenhall, the workhorse in the Steelers’ offense, has averaged 3.9 YPC and has only 3 touchdowns all year. Pittsburgh also seems committed to the pass lately and with the Ravens’ stout run defense, they will probably keep it in the air for most of the game, especially in the red zone. Mendenhall will be affected the most and in a very non-fantasy friendly way.

Beast: Eli Manning – New England is the worst in the league against the pass giving up 323 YPG thru the air. With this game being in Foxboro, where the Patriots just don’t lose, Manning will have plenty of opportunity to sling the rock around the playground. Couple that with the question marks in the Giants’ backfield and you see that the team’s success will be hugely reliant on the arm right of Eli.

Bust: Brandon Marshall – Although the Chiefs’ passing defense is not great, their #1 cornerback Brandon Flowers is playing at a very high level right now. He leads the league in passes defensed with 15 and by a healthy margin and is tied for 2nd in interceptions with 4; teams will start giving him the Revis treatment very soon. Flowers will draw the assignment of covering Marshall this week and if Vincent Jackson’s performance for the Chargers last week is any indication, #19 is in for a long day.

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