NFL Week 11 Fantasy Analysis

By Jeremy Sickel

Beast: Calvin Johnson – Megatron has been relatively quiet lately after his torrid pace to start the season, but the Panthers aren’t great against the pass and we all know about Johnson’s ability to get in the end zone, especially near the goal line. Carolina will be keying on him all game so don’t look for a lot of receptions or maybe even yardage, but a touchdown or two looks to be a lock.

Bust: Dwayne Bowe – The Chiefs playing on the road against New England is a recipe for disaster on many levels, and none more than for Bowe. Kansas City has been depleted of 3 of its top 4 offensive weapons in Jamal Charles, Tony Moeaki and most recently quarterback Matt Cassel. Bowe will receive heavy attention from the Patriots as their only legitimate threat, especially since new starter Tyler Palko will more than likely be locked in on him the entire game as a safety net. Although New England is atrocious on defense, Kansas City has been even worse on the offensive side, so don’t look for too much production out of D-Bowe, if any.

Beast: Michael Bush – Even if Darren McFadden is back for the Raiders, it is safe to say that Bush will carry the load against the Vikings. With an emphasis on the run, 20 carries is a strong possibility here and if Carson Palmer can find his groove again Michael Bush could be in line for a very productive day toting the rock.

Bust: Cedric Benson – With AJ Green hobbled and possibly not playing, the Ravens defense will key on Benson all game long. Even without the luxury of only facing one viable threat, Baltimore has only given up 90.3 YPG on the ground on 3.3 YPC and 4 touchdowns – all top 3 in the league. So just imagine how little room Benson had to work with even without the Ravens stuffing eight in the box.

Beast: Reggie Bush – Yes, Reggie Bush is a Beast pick this week and he will keep his

groove going against the Bills. Buffalo is tied for second worst in rushing touchdowns

allowed with 11 and in the bottom half in ground yardage allowed as well. Where Bush

excels at the position though, is his ability to make plays out of the backfield with his

hands. The Bills are in the bottom third in passing yardage allowed and middle of the

pack in touchdowns through the air. Combine all of this info and it looks like Bush

could see over 100 total yards and a touchdown again.

Bust: Josh Freeman – Freeman was picked by many to be a candidate to step into elite status this year. Although he still possesses the qualities desired for a prototypical quarterback, he has regressed mightily this year in every statistical category. The entire team has regressed actually so maybe that has more to do with it than Freeman’s ability itself. Although the Packers give up tons of yardage and touchdowns through the air, I think the pressure that they will apply to Freeman will cause multiple interceptions or fumbles that will negate any positive production in yardage.

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