NFL Week 8 Fantasy Analysis

By Jeremy Sickel

Beast: Dwayne Bowe – It was about this time last year that D-Bowe went on a historic run of production and there is no bigger stage than this Monday night’s game for him to start a similar stretch again this season. The game against the rival San Diego Chargers is for first place in the AFC West – yes, you better believe it – and if you saw what Plaxico Burress did to the San Diego secondary last week, this has all the makings of a monster game for #82.

Bust: Cleveland Backfield – The questions seemingly always surrounding Peyton Hillis’ health and availability give you about as bad of a headache as the Carolina Backfield does. When you couple that with the fact the Browns are going up against a 49ers’ Defense that is second in ground yardage allowed at a mere 74.7 YPG and that they haven’t allowed a rushing touchdown all year, it means danger and stay away.

Beast: Demarco Murray – Alright, I am admittedly a week late on this one, but who thought Murray had that in him? Felix Jones better watch out or he will get Marion Barbered out-of-town faster than Marion Barber himself. Philly is not good against the run, giving up close to 124 YPG on 4.8 YPC with a total of 6 rushing touchdowns against. While teams only tote the rock against them less than 26 times per game, Dallas has found new life in the running game and should be able to exploit this aspect of the Philly defense, especially as they seek to minimize Romo’s risks. Of course Murray will not repeat last week’s explosion, but even half of his totals would make for a great day.

Bust: Ryan Fitzpatrick – The Bills and Fitzpatrick started the season like gangbusters putting up huge totals on offense. They have since simmered and get to face a Redskins’ Defense that is 11th in the league in passing, allowing only 218 YPG and have given up only 5 touchdowns through the air all season. Although the Bills passing attack is efficient, these totals indicate that a good day for Fitzpatrick is very pedestrian when it translates to fantasy success.

Beast: Ray Rice – This is the opposite of what we thought we all had with DeMarco Murray in that no one thought we’d see the lack of production from Rice that we witnessed against the Jags. It definitely wasn’t his fault and even teammates showed their disdain for the lack of opportunities that Rice received. Although the Jacksonville Defense is pretty good stopping the run, there is no excuse for the lack of plays called for #27. You best believe that Harbaugh and company will make up for it in a big way against the Cardinals, so don’t get too down on Rice just yet.

Bust: Wes Welker – After coming off a bye and catching some much-needed rest, Welker gets to deal with a Steelers’ Defense that is best in the NFL against the pass in yardage allowed with only 8 touchdowns against through the air. The middle of field is Welker’s bread and butter, but that is consequently where Pittsburgh excels too. Meaning that Welker will be limited on targets, which is a huge factor for his success thus far. Tom Brady will be spending most of his day checking down to a more favorable matchup or looking more to the perimeter than he normally does.

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