Suck for Luck No Longer In Play for the Kansas City Chiefs

By Jeremy Sickel

Social media websites with team specific themes created by fans actually encouraging their teams to lose were popping up at alarming rates, even before the regular season began. After historical blowout losses to the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions to start the season for the Kansas City Chiefs, the “Suck for Luck” campaign here in KC was put into high gear.

I have been a diehard fan of all of my hometown teams from birth and I can’t imagine ever rooting against their success on or off the field, but I understand the behind the scenes decisions that non-coaching personnel make in order to ensure the long-term success of the franchise. This is where my argument against the “negative campaigners” loses some steam.

There is a small group of fans that are driven by the idea that, for their NFL franchise to be successful, it is imperative to obtain a franchise quarterback, and the team should go to any lengths necessary to get one. How could anyone disagree, especially while witnessing the perennially elite Indianapolis Colts’ instant crash back down to Earth following the season ending neck injury suffered by Peyton Manning?

Heading into the San Diego game in week 3, I found myself starting to take small steps towards the dark side, favoring this “Suck for Luck” mumbo jumbo. Hell, it was a road game against a division rival and the Chiefs had just been manhandled the previous two weeks, so could you blame me? Even though the Chiefs lost that game, it renewed my hope that they could indeed turn this season around.

Now, with consecutive wins over the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts – both teams in the race for the number one pick – the “Suck for Luck” mantra is all but squashed here in Kansas City. The Chiefs’ recent play has shown that they aren’t quite the worst team in the NFL yet, and that, believe it or not, gives me even more reason to cheer them on to more victories during the 2011 season.

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