TCU to Big 12 Should Make Mizzou Want to Stay

By Jeremy Sickel

Texas Christian University has filled the void left by the Aggies of Texas A&M by accepting the invitation they received from the Big 12 Conference. TCU had committed to joining the Big East prior to the 2012 football season but decided that staying home, per se, was the more logical decision. Although down this season, after a few very successful years near the top of the college football rankings, the Horned Frogs will benefit from being part of a more high-profile conference.

By being proactive in expanding their own portfolio during the current realignment chaos, the Big 12 has given itself a strong base upon which to build, on their way back to that magic number of 12 teams. With that being said, the decision that the University of Missouri made last week to explore other options and to abstain from voting still leaves the conference looking like a shadow of its former self.

Nebraska, Colorado, and now Texas A&M have bolted recently in their quest for greener pastures, and now Mizzou is looking for its pot of gold as well. Sure the SEC looks sexy, but the Tigers will resort back to mediocrity playing with the big boys seemingly every week. All of the work they have put in during the Pinkel Era to bring its football program back to national relevance will quickly be undone, turning a once promising story into an unfinished one.

Missouri lists several reasons to explore other options but they have always given the reason of instability as their chief concern. The addition of TCU to the Big 12 squashes that notion and Mizzou should soon realize that and plant themselves as part of the foundation of the Big 12 rather than become a second-rate outcast in the SEC.

The SEC gives Mizzou nothing that the Big 12 can’t. Sure the television contract in the SEC would provide a greater per year pay-day for the Tigers, but they will initially be stuck financially with a hefty exiting fee and increased travel expenses that will occur every year.  Since there isn’t an SEC network similar to what the Big 10 has, who is to say that the University of Florida couldn’t construct something similar to the Longhorn Network? Would Missouri really want to walk into that madness, having no foothold as a veteran member of the SEC? I don’t think so.

If Mizzou is true to itself and to what has brought them to where they currently stand as an institution academically and athletically, they will understand that it is imperative to stand pat and continue their relationship with the Big 12 Conference and maintain the natural rivalries they have developed over the past century. It will both preserve the hard work that the school has put in recently to elevate its profile, and maintain their reputation as one of the finer institutions in the entire Midwest.

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