My World vs. Brandon Marshall’s World

By Jeremy Sickel

Come Monday, it’s on ladies and gentlemen. I will methodically go through my morning routine similar to every other day of the week, but when I get to my 5×4 cubicle, you best believe I’m going to give them what they want; I’m going to evaluate those numbers like a beast. But that tune will soon change about the time I usually take my fifteen minute break. These last four years have been weighing on me; overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, and under a microscope to boot. I mean, it has been really difficult for me to control some things recently, so I think come 11:30 Monday I am going to let it all hang out. I don’t care who is watching or who gets in my way, I am simply going to show raw emotion and disregard the consequences because I don’t care anymore. It is tough being the golden child, expected to have no blemishes, but everyone has bad days…even me.

This is basically the translation of Brandon Marshall’s recent statements put into my terms; my world. Believe it or not though, I actually don’t have a problem with his stance and intentions – sans the premeditated aspect of course. Emotions are defenseless, they will beat you to a pulp at a moment’s notice and be gone the next, leaving you grasping for answers. Football is no exception. The physical and mental toll it takes on one’s self is grueling to say the least; so to reach a boiling point is natural right?

The World around us is exhausting and very punishing, so I too can side with Marshall on this, as illustrated in my “hypothetical” proclamation to open this piece. The emotional facet of this is not my chief concern. The impasse I have is the potential result of said actions.

Let’s say I follow through with my “decree”. I will soon find myself on the unemployment line with hourly thoughts of how much I could get for my extra kidney on the black market to make ends meet. If Marshall does in fact follow through, he is going to get hit with a hefty fine (not so much to a millionaire) or a possible suspension; either of which he obviously cares nothing about.

The onus of this entire situation is on the League itself. The premeditated nature of this should prompt Roger Goodell to nip it in the bud before there is even a chance of it occurring. Sure it may be difficult to punish before any rule is broken, but set forth penalties that will actually have an impact on the player rather than ones that are easily shrugged off. If the League allows Brandon Marshall to be a “monster” Monday night and only throws the predicted $50,000 fine his way, you better believe more players will follow suit. Sure, it would make for great entertainment, but allowing someone to follow through with negative intentions sets an appalling example to the viewers and only amplifies the fact that my world is a far cry from Brandon Marshall’s.

For a game involving two teams struggling mightily, the fans are sure to get their money’s worth. Even if there is not one single touchdown scored, we will all be on the edge of our seats waiting for that moment in the second quarter when Brandon Marshall rips his helmet off, chucks it, then grabs the ball and punts it into the stands, then runs kamikaze style toward Bart Scott for a no holds barred fight to the finish. The XFL Part Deux – where you at He Hate Me?

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