Week ending 11/4/11

By Michael Devlin

Author Roald Dahl, who penned such children’s fiction classics as “James and the Giant Peach” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, was often described as an awful man, given bouts of womanizing and bigotry, but even he had nothing on one Charles Kembo.  Allegations have emerged this week that Kembo, a convicted serial killer, responsible for the murders of at least four people in British Columbia, Canada, is the author of the book “The Trinity of Superkids Book One: Quest for Water”.

The book, which features a parched dystopia where three teens search for water to save their empire, was published in January of 2010, six months before Kembo’s conviction.  It was written under the pseudonym J.D. Bauer.  In an interview, Kembo claims that he likes “to write in semi-darkness, alone in the nude”.  ________________________________________________________________________

Perhaps there is still time to repent. Demented evangelist Harold Camping, who spearheaded projections that the end of the world was at hand (most recently on 10/21/11) has admitted that his predictions were wrong and retired from his ministry. Of course, this does little to relieve the grief of those who sold all their worldly belongings to go meet Jesus after the Rapture. The 90-year old preacher spent tens of millions of dollars pushing his doomsday message onto the public, beginning in 1988.


For one 17-year old employee of Fenton, Missouri’s haunted house “Creepy World”, Halloween got a whole lot scarier. The unnamed woman was found dangling from a prop noose after accidentally hanging herself last Thursday and is listed in critical condition at the hospital.

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