NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

By Geoff Ratliff

As mentioned in the lead to our new, weekly “Sweet and Sour” segment on college football, I am not a fan of preseason rankings of any kind. So, after four weeks of pro football, Jeremy and I finally decided to roll out our first power rankings of the season. Hope you enjoy, and as usual, comments are encouraged!

  1. Green Bay Packers (4-0) – The defending champs started the year on top and have done nothing to change anyone’s mind so far.
  2. New Orleans Saints (3-1) -With an opening night road loss to the defending champs as the only blemish on their record, it’s hard to have them any lower.
  3. New England Patriots (3-1) – The offense is putting up 2007 numbers, and Ochocinco hasn’t even been a factor yet. Scary!
  4. Baltimore Ravens (3-1)- That defense is still as dangerous as ever and the offense has flashes of brilliance as well.
  5. Houston Texans (3-1) – The blown lead against New Orleans aside, this team has proven they can win with defense and a healthy Foster should help cushion the blow of losing Andre Johnson, at least for a week or two.
  6. Detroit Lions (4-0) – Overcoming two 20 point deficits doesn’t erase the fact that they actually fell behind by 20 twice already, once to the lowly Vikings.
  7. San Diego Chargers (3-1) – At least it’s not the normal 2-3 start they’ve been posting the last few season but something about this team still doesn’t quite feel right.
  8. New York Giants (3-1)- This team has already overcome a ton of injuries on both sides of the ball but they are a veteran group that has emerged as the early season favorite in a disappointing NFC East.
  9. Buffalo Bills (3-1) – I’ll give the Bills a mulligan for the letdown on the road against a surprisingly competitive Bengals team. The comeback against New England made me a believer.
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) – I’m guessing that Peyton Manning’s absence and the band of relative unknowns in Tampa caused many football fans to miss the game last night, but Josh Freeman is the real deal folks. The league’s youngest team better grow up fast because they won’t win many games with that many penalties.
  11. Tennessee Titans (3-1)- As much as I don’t want to believe, and as much as the Kenny Britt injury really hurts, this team just keeps posting impressive victories.
  12. San Francisco 49ers (3-1) – A buddy of mine who lives in the Bay Area swore the 49ers would be the worst team in the league this year, but I assured him that the Harbaugh Effect was real. Talented players help too.
  13. Washington Redskins (3-1) – There’s no way around it, It’s difficult for me – as a diehard Cowboys fan – to be objective when it comes to the Redskins, but can I honestly, in good faith rank them higher than this with Rex Grossman at the helm?
  14. New York Jets (2-2) – I’m not as down on Mark Sanchez as a lot of people – something about those two AFC Title games in two years – but that running game? Yuck! Time to give Joe McKnight a chance.
  15. Oakland Raiders (2-2) – Could we see 2,000 yards for Run DMC and a wild card spot for the silver and black? Done and done.
  16. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)- This season is giving me a massive headache. The bye week couldn’t come soon enough.
  17. Atlanta Falcons (2-2)- Is it too early for the overrated chants?
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2)- The injuries may overshadow that real problem with this team. They got old overnight!
  19. Philadelphia Eagles (1-3)- I said before the season started that it would be a miracle if Michael Vick made it through an entire season behind this line, and people assured me that the preseason woes were meaningless. Really?
  20. Chicago Bears (2-2) – Can Jay Cutler thrive as a game manager with the Bears feeding a lethal dose of the ball to Matt Forte? Not with Mad Mike calling the plays!
  21. Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) – Quietly, Marvin Lewis is setting the stage for a Coach of the Year run.
  22. Cleveland Browns (2-2) – Colt McCoy has a chance to be an above average QB in this league, but Cleveland needs to run the ball behind that line with the Hillis/Hardesty combo.
  23. Carolina Panthers (1-3) – I wonder what the pre-season odds were on Cam Newton putting up 4,500 passing yards in his rookie year.
  24. Denver Broncos (1-3) – All I will say is, give Back Up Jesus a chance.
  25. Arizona Cardinals (1-3) – Think Fitz has any regrets about signing that extension yet?
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3) – I think ESPN’s Power Rankings captured the Jags’ plight better than I ever could.
  27. Seattle Seahawks (1-3) – How’s that Tavaris Jackson experiment working out so far?
  28. Indianapolis Colts (0-4) – Curtis Painter is not Peyton Manning 2.0, but he showed me enough last night to feel ok about putting Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark back in my fantasy league starting lineups.
  29. St. Louis Rams (0-4) – Given all the careful work that the Rams have put into turning this back into a first class franchise over the past three seasons, this is easily the most disappointing start of any team in the NFL.
  30. Kansas City Chiefs (1-3) – Don’t let that win over the hapless Vikings fool you. The injuries still make this a very sorry bunch.
  31. Miami Dolphins (0-4) – There’s really no reason that this team should be this bad. Oh, that’s right Chad Henne is their starting quarterback.
  32. Minnesota Vikings (0-4) – What, you thought because they have AP and have actually had some big leads against quality opponents that they don’t deserve this spot? Two words: Leslie Frazier
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