NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

By Geoff Ratliff

Crazy week in the NFL but I think we finally started to see some separation at the top of the rankings.

  1. Green Bay Packers (5-0) – Impressive come from behind road victory against a quality opponent. Hard to see this team not repeating at this point.
  2. New Orleans Saints (4-1) – Tampa Bay will be a better barometer, but a road victory in the NFL is never anything to take lightly.
  3. New England Patriots (4-1) – The Pats out Jetted (is that a word) the Jets by riding the Benjarvis Green-Ellis train to a fairly easy victory!
  4. Baltimore Ravens (3-1)- That defense is still as dangerous as ever and the offense has flashes of brilliance as well.
  5. Detroit Lions (5-0) – Maybe I shouldn’t get too excited about a Monday Night home victory over the Bears, but the Lions are actually just starting to hit their stride. Scary to see what Jahvid Best could do with more than twelve carries!
  6. Buffalo Bills (4-1) – Looks like I was right to overlook that loss to the Bengals. Nice bounce back victory over a desperate Philly team.
  7. San Francisco 49ers (4-1) – Ok so I really believed in the Harbaugh Effect, but 48-3 over a good Tampa Bay team. Whoah! This weeks trip to Detroit should give us a netter idea of what we’re looking at.
  8. San Diego Chargers (4-1) – Is this the least impressive 4-1 start to an NFL season ever?
  9. Washington Redskins (3-1) – I want to say that this week’s match up against an even more troubled than before Eagles team will tell something about the Redskins, but for a team that runs the ball as well as they do, this is looking more and more like a bye week.
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2)- Guess they found the Fountain of Youth for at least one week. Oh, and that Roethlisberger guy helps too.
  11. Oakland Raiders (3-2) – Team showed a lot of heart winning on the road after the passing of Al Davis. Maybe the 2,000 yards for Run DMC was a dream, but a division title and playoff spot? Looking very real right now.
  12. New York Giants (3-2) – Giants fans must feel the same way about Eli Manning as us Cowboy fans do about Tony Romo. At least you guys got a Super Bowl ring out of it! And with that, I’m calling the home victory over the Bills.
  13. Houston Texans (3-2) – As if losing AJ wasn’t bad enough, now they’ve lost the leader of their defense, adding literal injury to the insult of a home loss to the Raiders. They better regroup quickly with an upcoming trip to Baltimore.
  14. Tennessee Titans (3-2)- First I thought they were frauds, then I thought they were for real, then they went to Pittsburgh and got blasted. I have no idea what to make of this squad yet.
  15. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)- I’m not so concerned about if they win or lose this game against New England, but how they play. Even a loss still leaves them in good position to win the NFC East with a victory in hand over the ‘Skins.
  16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) – What the F$%k was that?!?!?
  17. New York Jets (2-3) – Joe McKnight! Joe McKnight! Joe McKnight! This offense needs a shot in the arm. Give the kid a chance.
  18. Atlanta Falcons (2-3)- No pass rush. No chance.
  19. Chicago Bears (2-3) – No pass protection. No chance.
  20. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) – The COY talk is getting louder!.
  21. Cleveland Browns (2-2) – That locker room situation is just a mess! Trade Peyton Hillis now while the season is still salvageable.
  22. Seattle Seahawks (2-3) – It would be disingenuous to not give the Seahawks some credit for winning a cross-country road game against the G-Men, but I’m not quite ready to call this a season changing victory either.
  23. Denver Broncos (1-4) – Apparently the Broncos’ decision makers read my Power rankings. Personally I don’t like Tebow’s chances but you gotta give the kid a shot.
  24. Arizona Cardinals (1-4) – Yep. Larry is asking his agent about that out clause right about NOW.
  25. Kansas City Chiefs (2-3) – Worst of both worlds. This team seems intent on playing themselves out of the Suck for Luck derby. I’ll give Coach Haley credit for not losing his team though.
  26. Minnesota Vikings (1-4) – Down goes Frazier. No Leslie didn’t get canned – yet – but its clear that AP won the discussion of whether or not he should get more carries. Helped to cover up another miserable performance by The Artist Formerly Known as Donovan McNabb.
  27. Philadelphia Eagles (1-4) – An NFL team with a poor offensive line and poor front seven on D is simply doomed to fail, regardless of the shiny toys surrounding those units.
  28. Carolina Panthers (1-4) – All of the close losses this year – every loss has been by 7 points or less – are going to build a tremendous amount of character for this team later this year and beyond. Don’t be shocked if they are this year’s Detroit and start rattling off wins late in the season.
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) – I feel terrible for Blaine Gabbert having to learn on a team with zero hope and few offensive weapons in the passing game. Not a good way to begin an NFL career.
  30. Indianapolis Colts (0-5) – So did Peyton Manning have a say in this teams Suck for Luck strategy?
  31. St. Louis Rams (0-4) – A visit to Lambeau Field is NOT the cure for what ails the disappointing start for the Rams, especially with 49ers off to such a hot start.
  32. Miami Dolphins (0-4) – Ok, so now Chad Henne is not their starting quarterback. Still doesn’t make this squad look any better.

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