College Football Week 5

By Jeremy Sickel

Who cares about preseason rankings? Sure they look sexy, sell a lot of magazines, and give the talking heads something to do, but put us in the camp of those who believe that we should wait for a few weeks of games to be played before trying to establish who the best teams in college football are.

With that in mind, the Pop Fly Boys are introducing our weekly “Sweet and Sour” installment, our take on the five teams who are trending up, and the five that are trending down in the world of college football. This is not necessarily who we think the 5 best teams or 5 worst teams are in the country at the time, but more accurately the hottest and coldest teams based on their recent play; so without further adieu, here are the teams that we are sweet on right now, followed by those who leave a bitter taste in our mouths after 5 weeks of play.

Sweet on…

1. Wisconsin – It is difficult to grasp the idea that a team this talented and posting the type of results that they are, is actually flying under the radar a bit. Maybe there are “sexier” options ahead of them – and it’s hard to argue with the early season resumes of LSU and Alabama in particular – but with Saturday’s rude ”Welcome to the Big Ten” whoopin’ that the Badgers handed to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the rest of the nation has been put on notice that these boys will be in the National Championship conversation all season long.

2.Kansas State– The Wildcats started the season well outside of the Top 25 with prognosticators giving them a shot at maybe four wins for the entire season. Well, four games and four wins later – the last two against “The U” and an RG3 led Baylor squad – they have themselves ranked as high as they have been since the 2004 season. Could they be this year’s version of the 2010 Auburn Tigers, another team that was unranked prior to the start of the season?

3. Georgia Tech – The Yellow Jackets sure don’t play much defense but the triple option attack that head coach Paul Johnson brought along with him from the Naval Academy will be hard to stop for his ACC counterparts. Heading into conference play, they took care of business against UNC and NC State and have two fairly soft games before they take their talents toSouthBeachto play the Hurricanes.

4.Michigan– After letting go of Rich Rodriguez this past season the Wolverines find themselves sitting at 5-0 after a complete thrashing of theMinnesota“Gold Plated” Gophers. Denard Robinson isn’t being let loose like in years past, but he is getting the job done as the signal caller.

5. Arkansas – The Razorbacks could quite possibly be the biggest Jekyl and Hyde team in all of college football, but for right now they are on the up-tick with their gritty come from behind victory against Texas A&M. Playing in a tough SEC, they could easily find themselves appearing in our Sour 5 at some point this year, but for now, we’re buying.

Leaving a Bitter Taste in our Mouths…

1.Nebraska– The Cornhuskers are finding that the big boys in the Big Ten don’t mess around. With the blowout loss toWisconsinthey arguably should have fallen further in the rankings, but we aren’t cutting them any slack here. They are going to have to make major adjustments to compete in the new league with games againstOhio State,MichiganandMichiganStatelooming.

2. Texas A&M – Although the Aggies still reside in the Big 12, they, too, have gotten their first taste of what life will look like in their new league.Arkansaserased an 18 point half-time deficit by holding the Aggies to a mere 3 points in the second half on their way to victory. With back to back losses – albeit to ranked opponents – Texas A&M could have fallen out of the Top 25, but they’re still holding on by a thread.

3. Baylor – Although we gave last week’s opponent, K-State props in our Sweet 5, that doesn’t mean the Bears shouldn’t have taken care of business. Their offense is unstoppable, but the defense can be scored upon with ease giving any opponent with a solid offense a shot at beating the Bears. Look for Baylor to be a part of both ends of this segment all year long because it wouldn’t shock me one bit if they hang 60 points onIowaStatethis weekend.

4. Boise State – I am a big believer in the Smurfs but for them to hold position and climb the ranks while the big boys get knocked off the Broncos are going to need to start dismantling their opponents similar to seasons past, which still wasn’t good enough to get them National Championship consideration. Sure the wins seem easy, but with their soft schedule they have to start snatching the hearts out of their opponents and play with the sort of killer instinct that impresses poll voters, or they will slowly see themselves drifting further away from the BCS title discussion, a conversation that they deserve to be in with the hard work they have put in over the years.

5.Florida– This is more of a prediction placement rather than a reflection of their performance againstAlabama, but that certainly didn’t help. Last week’s game was just the first of a brutal four game stretch with road games against LSU andAuburn, and a visit by a resurgentGeorgiateam. After the 4-0 start the Gators could easily wake up in a few weeks and suddenly be staring at a .500 record, which would not go over well inGainesville. They may prove me wrong, but by placing them on this list today, I am predicting that their 4 game ride will be extremely bumpy.

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