College Football Week 7

By Jeremy Sickel


1. Kansas State – I have been on this train for a while now…quarterback Colin Klein is a serious dark horse for the Heisman if the Wildcats can keep this up. His play can be equated to Tim Tebow, but without the fanfare. They have a date with the proverbial cupcake with the game against Kansas next week before they hit a murderer’s row of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M. They should show up on this list again next week, but thereafter is …to be continued.

2. Michigan State – The Spartans dominated every aspect of last week’s game with the Wolverines of Michigan. If it weren’t for a loss earlier in the year at Notre Dame, Michigan State would be sitting at 7-0 and comfortably in the top 10. Their recent success will soon be tested with games at home against Wisconsin and on the road at Nebraska, before ending with seemingly easy games to finish out the season.

3. Houston – I could be on this bandwagon all year-long as they play a very weak Conference USA schedule. Not sure if it will matter in the end, but the Houston Cougars will finish the regular season undefeated. They will need a lot of help to be a BCS Buster, but they will take care of things on their end.

4. Auburn – I will admit that this success will probably be short-lived with a road game against LSU next week, but I couldn’t ignore how they shut down the Florida Gators last week. The Gators didn’t even muster up 200 total yards and will be mentioned later in this piece for sure.

5. Alabama – There is no two ways about it; Alabama has been dominant all year-long, having given up only 49 points in seven games.  When a team can only score 7 points on an opponent it will add up to a lot of losses. The game next week with Tennessee should be more of what the Crimson Tide has become accustom to. With a bye week right before their tilt with LSU, Alabama could run the table this year and find themselves in the same situation as 2009 – National Champions.


1. Florida – The Gators have to be my number one here. They have completely fallen off the map with three straight losses in very feeble fashion. Sure they have played the likes of Alabama, LSU and Auburn, but they haven’t put up much of a fight.  I predicted the demise in my first Sweet and Sour installment with it continuing next week against Georgia.

2. Georgia Tech – Hard to ignore the brutal loss to Virginia. With a very tough schedule looming with games at Miami and home games with Clemson and Virginia Tech, the Yellow Jackets could soon become “Florida Part Deux” in this weekly installment.

3. Illinois – I am starting to think there could be a “Sweet Curse” brewing here.  Illinois showed up on the Sweet list last week and Georgia Tech in the inaugural installment.  I know Ohio State is a historically successful program, but this year has been way down from seasons past. Illinois should have put up more of a fight at home against the Buckeyes. Luckily they have a chance to get back on track with a road tilt with Purdue.

4. Michigan – See the “Sweet Curse” with the Wolverines showing up on this list in the opening week. They get a much-needed bye before the bunny against Purdue. With that said, Michigan finishes the season with some very iffy games. They will either start flexing and win some tough ones or go up in flames with their season being thrown away after such a promising start.

5. Arizona State – The loss to the Ducks doesn’t look all that bad – it was on the road and they covered. The reason why they show up here is because they made me look silly by blasting all over Twitter that they would finish off Oregon with the outright win. Even though they have a very easy road to finish the season – remaining five opponents have combined for 11 wins – the Sun Devils still pissed me off and find themselves in my doghouse this week.

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