College Football Week 8

By Jeremy Sickel


1. Kansas State – I have been saying this for a few weeks now, but there is something about this team and Bill Snyder needs to start getting serious consideration for being one of the greatest college football coaches ever. I know this past win was against Kansas, but it was a rivalry game on the road nonetheless. This win was supposed to set up a colossal matchup next week with Oklahoma, which would have most likely attracted ESPN College Gameday and a Headgear pick from Lee Corso. But the Sooners dropped a heart-breaker to Texas Tech, which could make it a little more difficult for the Wildcats to keep their run going.

2. Michigan State – I will admit that I did not expect this. The Spartans have taken care of business and have won some games against good competition (Michigan and Wisconsin). If they can get past the road test at Nebraska next week, they will find themselves steadily climbing the rankings until the regular seasons ends.

3. Boise State – Although their win wasn’t pretty, it was a win and we all must keep that in mind. Even though they made no movement in the AP Poll, the losses by Oklahoma and Wisconsin opened up some major holes for the Broncos with the teams at the top still with head to head matchups. Sure they must keep winning, but the fashion in which they must do so will be a little more lenient now.

4. Houston – I will keep riding this train until they prove me wrong. Conference USA is nothing to write home to Mom about, but to still be undefeated playing against seemingly equal competition most weeks is still quite impressive. Couple that with the fashion they are doing it in and they will climb the poll inch by inch. Don’t be surprised if you look up at the end of the year and see the Houston Cougars in the top 10.

5. Texas Tech – This will be short-lived for sure, but I wanted to give them props for making the top of the polls a little less crowded now and in the future. They got off to a huge lead possibly due to the weather delay and almost blew it because talent caught up. Whatever happened, the end result was a W for the Red Raiders handing Stoops a rare home loss.


1.A. Florida – Although they had a much-needed bye week, they still find themselves on this list due to my pride. Game or not, I am sour on them until they win.

1.B. Georgia Tech – Called this last week with the “Florida Part Deux” comparison. They completed phase two of the completion by losing to Miami- and bad. Next stage – loss at home to Clemson next week in prime time on ABC. With my bromance with Boise though, I will be rooting for Tech to upset the Tigers so that the Smurfs further their stronghold in the top 5 and in better position for a National Championship appearance.

2. Illinois – After the 6-0 start, the Fighting Illini has lost two straight. I admit that I did not see this coming and have now realized Illinois could complete the “Sour Trilogy” being the third part of the series after Florida and Georgia Tech. With a road game at Penn State and subsequent home games with Michigan and Wisconsin, Illinois has a chance to pull a “Paranormal Activity 3” and outperform the first two parts in this series by losing five straight.

3. Oklahoma – What is there to say? Texas Tech handed Bob Stoops only his third home loss as coach of the Sooners and National Championship hopes were lost. I will not go all Skip Bayless here, but something happened in that game that just wasn’t right. Sure, giving up a quick score or two has happened before, but to allow an obviously inferior team to keep hanging it on you means there are holes that need to be fixed.

4. Wisconsin – The loss at Michigan State, on the surface, doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but when you factor in what was on the line, it was huge. Although a BCS Bowl is still in sights, the National Championship talk has vanished. Although very highly ranked, pundits questioned their defense having not played a viable offense yet. Well they were all correct in pegging them as a phony.

5. West Virginia – Syracuse is playing well, but for the Mountaineers to lose to them, even on the road, was totally unexpected. The Big East seemed to be a lock for West Virginia to win and get the automatic BCS Bowl bid, but now they do not control their own destiny and we could see another uninspiring representative from the conference in a major bowl game.

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