The Power Alley: Just Say No

By Patrick Carr

The recent separation between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries really got me to thinking. Did I just say that? Unfortunately I did, and I feel dumber having done so, but stay with me here. Can anyone blame Kris Humphries for locking down Hollywood staple Kim Kardashian? I know she may be the most annoying celebrity this side of her sisters, but come on now. If Ray J taught us anything when he helped launch the celebrity career of Mrs. Humphries, I mean Ms. Kardashian, it was that some things in life are worth the BS you have to put up with. Anyone who has seen the video knows what I am talking about. But the time has come for athletes to realize they need to take a page out of the Shawn Kemp Playbook and just say no. Say no to damn near guaranteed divorce, child support, and a settlement that is going to cut your Lexus total in half. If you don’t believe me just ask Michael Jordan. His divorce cost him the same amount as it would to purchase a large island.

In no way am I promoting athletes to go out and have so many illegitimate kids that Antonio Cromartie looks down upon you , but why put yourself through the inevitable?

The likelihood of a professional athlete staying faithful throughout his career is reason alone to be skeptical of the institution of marriage. Somewhere Brett Favre is nodding his head in agreement. And for every Brett Favre there are hundreds of examples that fall under the same category.

Marriage, in my opinion, is set up to fail. It is set up to fail for every day citizens, and even more so for athletes, celebrities, musicians, etc. These superstars live the dream of every man in the country. They can walk into any local tavern, night club, movie theatre, and library and pick out almost any girl they want. Sacrificing that dream for a marriage that has less than 50% chance of working just seems like a low blow to every man in America. You would think with percentages being such a big part of an athlete’s career that they would see the divorce percentage and run a 4.3 40 in the opposite direction.

I understand the sanctity of marriage and am in no way suggesting that I think every single athlete will get divorced, or should they remain unmarried their entire lives. But play the percentages, and realize what you have to lose before you decide to tie the knot. Live the dream of your fellow man, and enjoy the fame and money. One day the fame will be gone, and your chances of marriage working will increase greatly. If you want to increase the chances of your money being gone just ignore my message. If you don’t believe me just ask Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kris Humphries, Tiger Woods, Jason Kidd, Michael Strahan, and the many more who wish they would have taken advice similar to mine. Don’t give into the temptation, live the dream, and JUST SAY NO.

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