Respect my Gangsta

By Matt Sheiner

After watching both “Sons of Anarchy” and “The Sopranos” in their entirety, I  have decided to take on the task of quickly determining which series is more “G”.


Sons of Anarchy:  The crew is nuts. They are a bad-ass motorcycle club (Harley Davidson) with “Old Ladies” or wife’s, while they hook up with porn stars. The Sons have killed a D.E.A agent and had a tussle with the likes of the I.R.A and the Aryan Nation. They have run cops off the road and beaten the crap out of a gang of people. They are now peddling both guns and coke for a Mexican cartel. Most of the club served time in prison and the ones who are currently incarcerated still “put in work”. There has yet to be a snitching situation although one seems to be developing with a member named “Juice”. But as of right now, no harm no foul.


The Sopranos: Everyone automatically thinks Italian Mob, so they must be more gangster, right? Well let’s just see how much. They have extortion rackets and put contracts out on people. Tony Soprano beats people to death with his bare hands and the crew robs people without a moments notice. But my problem with the Sopranos is there is a lot of complaining by the guys in the crew, not to mention how many inside the organization are RATS. To that point, there is a lot of crying amongst this group of grown men.

To me the “Sons” are way more gangsta than the mob from The Sopranos. The Sons are a big organization with few internal problems. Their lawlessness and lack of fear or hesitation when committing crimes makes them hard to stop. Tony and the crew better be glad they’re retired, ‘cause there would have been problems if them hogs pulled up on ‘em.

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